Dennis ten Hoove


Origin story, how did I get in to IT?

Someone asked me; how did you get in to IT? Where did you learn your skills? This was my answer. Yes it's written very informal compared to other posts on the blog because it was written in a private chat. I started learning when I started pirating software around 12. But I started with zero at that point, took me a while to figure basic stuff out. This way I became quite capable. Even then my skills were limited, and I was only interested in video games. When I was 16 I went to college to start my sys admin education. When I was 18 I took an internship in computer repair while studying system management. It only lasted about 6 months, I learned a lot here. At home while studying I started playing with tech and software. Just minor and simple stuff like basic HTML websites. Around this time I also started grinding the Steam HW&OS forums, where I could practice my English and solve simple issues which I hadn't encountered yet through logical thinking, Google and by reading the answers other people give. I just repeat the same shit over and over until I can do it in my sleep. That internship fucked me so no diploma and I decided to try programming so started studying application development. I had a few really good teachers who loved explaining computer history and how everything sticks together. I think that understanding the whole field of IT is more important then learning the actual skills you will use, understanding how it all sticks together makes it much easier to learn these new skills. I did this Application development study for just 1 year before going back to system administration to get my diploma in that. During this year I encountered a highly intelligent (And horribly autistic) guy who is a brilliant programmer. He is good friend of mine. He got me very interested in the world of software development and free software. He also decided to use Linux on his laptop halfway through the year which made me give it a try also. I was already familiar with Linux, I used it for basic web-servers and I played with some desktop-focused distros a few times since I encountered it during my first year of sys-admin. I was already knowledgeable enough about it that I knew Linux would perfectly fine as a OS for college, so I decided to give it a try. It took me months but I slowly figured out how to use Linux properly. Maybe 6 months later i started using it full-time. And how I am here, grinding web-development and Linux.