Dennis ten Hoove


How did I get in to Linux?

I first encountered Linux during my college IT study, it was in 2014-something. The first distro I used was Debian 6, right before the release of Debian 7. I used it to setup web servers. Over the next couple of years I returned to Debian and Ubuntu a few times, just to play with it in a virtual machine for a bit. In 2017 while I was studying application development I decided to try using Linux on my laptop which I used for college. I liked it, it got the job done. I used Ubuntu for a few days, then quickly switched to Solus, I barely used Linux as a daily driver for a week and I already had the distro hop bug. The reason I decided to try Linux on my laptop was because of curiosity and because Windows was starting to get on my nerves. At the same time I tried using it on my desktop which I mainly use for gaming. The experience was not great, but it was doable. The main issue was that i did not know my GPU used the Radeon driver by default and not AMDGPU which cause my performance, stability and game compatibility to be crap. I kept switching between Windows and Linux regularly until Windows 10 1804 hit which pissed me off so badly that I switched to Linux and never looked back. I am happy I jumped from that ship back then, it has only sunken further now, Windows 10 is horrible. I am tech savvy and enjoy tweaking and troubleshooting, Linux is perfect for me. I really enjoy using and learning about it.